Precious Peanuts - Registered childminder, Chatham, Kent.  Ofsted graded "good."
At Precious Peanuts I believe that the key to a healthy, happy child is a healthy balanced diet.  All meals are home cooked and made with fresh ingredients.  Fresh vegetables accompany most meals although some children's favourites are occasionally used like baked beans and spaghetti.  I feel I have provided a wide range of meals incorporating all the key areas of nutrition that children require.
These are guideline menu's based on a five week rolling rota.  If there are certain meals that the children don't like then the menu will be modified but I won't cook lots of different meals in one evening.  I love cooking but not to that extent!!
All meals are attractively arranged on the plate to encourage even the fussiest of eaters to eat them.  For example, fish fingers, potato wedges and beans with be arranged to look like a boat in the sea.  Children need stimulation and use their imagination even when eating.
Please click on the icon below to download a copy of the five week menu.

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